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Septic Tank Pumpers

Septic Tank Pumpers

These trucks were all built using the same body, kit number 95085 priced at $12.00. The top one is on an Autocar U-90, typical of what a fellow might build after the war to start business The second one is built for my layout, it runs around the coast and pumps the herring bait out of the boat and delivers it to a bait dealer or a canning plant.

Many times the diesel over the highway tractors with many miles on them would be purchased and have a fish hauling body mounted on them. For the relatively short three hour runs they were a good buy as they hauled a full legal load. The orange Oshkosh (kit 95114) is a government job to stand by to pump out the treatment plant in case of failure. It has 14.00-20 tires and is nice and shinny clean. It's lettered for the Department of Environmental Perversion. The last one is an International (kit 95102)R model, typical of a well run full service plumbing outfit.

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