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Autocar Fire Department Tanker

Autocar Fire Department Tanker

s/n 101639 Autocar Fire Tanker This truck is modeled as something a fire department would use in a rural area where fire hydrants were few and far between. It's big, Autocar model DC10364-OH with 12.00-24 tires. The dual exhaust suggest someone might have modified and adjusted the fuel pump settings so maybe there's more than 335 horsepower in that Cummins diesel.

The tank on this truck is 22 feet long which at 208 gallons per foot has a capacity of 4600 gallons. To figure the weight when carrying water I figure the cubic feet of the tank knowing that there are 7.48 gallons per cubic foot so 4576 divided by 7.48 equals 612. Weight of fresh water is 62.4 (64 for salt water) pounds per cubic foot so the weight of the water is 38,000 pounds. We can estimate the weight of the tank empty is 5000 pounds.

To get the weight distribution we can measure that the center of gravity of the tank is two feet in front of the rear axle (center of bogie) and knowing that the wheelbase is twenty feet we find that 10% of the load is on the front axle. Cab and chassis weight from the factory is 20,200 pounds with 11,000 on the rear, 9200 front. So fully loaded we've got a GVW of 20.200 + 38,000 + 5000 = 63,200, 13,500 on front and 49,700 on the rear.

Yes, it's overweight with regard to state and federal rules but well within the 75,000 GVW rating of the manufacturer. We also have the weight of fuel, the water pumps and piping and other incidentals to add. If someone were to say that the tank is too big you say it's simply a matter of how much water you put in, the fire chief can make that decision considering rural unimproved roads and weak bridges or smooth open highways.

This model was made using the cab and chassis from kit 95128, the tank is a 26289 urethane casting and filling hatches from the milk tank kit, detail parts such as the cab roof light, suction hose, and siren came from Sheepscot package #85045. The fenders and rear platform were were build from a urethane casting I made from the new brass diamond plate on the Hi-Ranger brass part #75039. The two pumps (one on each side) were turned on the lathe. Mud flaps are 0.015 x 0.250 styrene painted flat black.

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