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Autocar Off Highway Rock Dump

Autocar Off Highway Rock Dump

Here’s an Autocar 2036, an off highway setup. It has a Sheepscot 20 ton rock body part #26293 one piece urethane casting. This would have been a new truck in 1954 when Autocar introduced the pit fenders as a factory option.

The right side view shows the connection for an exhaust heated body to keep the material from freezing in the winter. In the box there’s a flapper valve that directs the engine exhaust down when the body is raised.
The wheelbase is 198”, tires 12.00-24. s/n 101368

Weathering represents the Dragon Cement Plant in Thomaston, Maine where there’s nothing but gray dust that turns into a darker color every time the truck splashes through the ever present puddles on the quarry floor.

The model was built for the model railroad display at the Boothbay Railway Village which has an excellent model of the Dragon quarry, rail sidings, and plant.

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