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Large Granite Blocks

Large Granite Blocks

When the granite blocks are broken off of the solid mass of the quarry they are rough and show the marks of the drills. From the quarry they go to the cutting sheds where they are sawed with an abrasive wire and possibly polished.
Granite weighs 175 pounds per cubic foot. The best way to paint it is with flat (opaque) finishes and if spraying, hold the nozzle at a distance so the paint is drying just as it hits the block. A rougher surface can be accomplished by sifting dry Plaster of Paris onto the wet paint. Another way is to scrape a chalk stick (artist pastel ) and let the flakes fall on the wet paint of the granite block.

We offer three different packages of granite:

85043 - Five large Blocks 40, 32, 21, 14, and 9 tons

85049 - Twenty five pieces of various sizes and shapes

85050 - Nine pieces 2 x 3 feet that can be cut to length as desired

All of these packages are $14.00 each

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