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New Manitowoc 3900T Truck Crane Kit in HO Scale

New Manitowoc 3900T Truck Crane Kit in HO Scale

Here’s some shots of the work in progress on the Manitowoc 3900 T truck crane. I have admired this machine since it first came out in 1963, fine Manitowoc engineering and design and the first six axle carrier although Hendrickson was building one for American Hoist at the same time they were building Manitowoc’s.

Although this is a 3900 upper works the house is designed so it’s a little lower making the counterweight different and there’s a valley down the middle so the gantry can fold in there. The machine pictured here will get a 220 foot boom this week and then get rigged for display at the HCEA show in Rhode Island the weekend after Labor Day.

There are some alterations to be done to some castings and then I’ll build another one and take photos and notes for the instructions. I don’t know what the price will be yet but there will be a discount given to those who place an order before the end of the year. I expect to deliver the new kit in Jan 2011.

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