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Crawler Crane Unloading Concrete Pipe

Crawler Crane Unloading Concrete Pipe

Here’s a little diorama that can take place on your layout. This Bucyrus-Erie crawler crane can be unloading pipe off a truck a few days before the digging starts to put in a culvert under the road. The crane is Sheepscot kit number 95021C, there is also kit number 95021 that is a truck crane. The truck crane’s list price is $30.00, the crawler is $36.00.

Although there is 75 feet of boom that comes with the kit the boom shown here is 55’, very typical for this size machine. Although this crane was manufactured during the war it is still often see today doing occasional work in places like boat yards and small contractor’s yards. In the forties it was painted gray and green.

The truck is a 1940s era International KB-11, Sheepscot kit #95141 pulling a twenty ton lowbed Sheepscot kit #95041 made of cast metal. The crane is lifting a SSP four foot dia. four foot long bell joint concrete culvert pipe. Prototype weight of this is 3400 lbs. and as shown the crane is at near capacity while working at a thirty foot radius. The pipe hook appliance is made of Evergreen Scale styrene 0.100” I beam pieces which bend a little when the cast metal pipe is left on too long.

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