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New Mack B-81

New Mack B-81

Here's the first look at the B-81, Ralph did a beautiful job as usual, she sits just right on her metal frame with the proper clearance between the top of the 12.00-24 tires and bottom of the fender. The red cab is a B-81X with standard 158” wheelbase. The orange cab is a B-81 SX with a Sheepscot 26288 Marion dump body on a Mack standard 175” wheelbase.

The Mack model numbering system is set up so the first number of the three digits indicates relative capacity, the other two digits are particular to the engine and have no relationship to the cab. If the second digit is even there's a gas engine under the hood, odd number is a diesel. The suffix X means the chassis is set up for severe duty, the suffix S means it's a six wheeler (tandem axle). It is common to refer to this truck as a B-81 when the real model number could be a B-815, B-813, of B-875 because even an experienced Mack observer could not be certain of the real model without knowing what engine was installed. The important thing for the modeler is the cab and its application which in this case is usually for dumps, mixers, and lowbed tractors

All the Sheepscot kits are now priced with two axles as standard, the extra rear axle for a tandem setup is an extra $2.00

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