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How Do You Truck a Landing Craft

How Do You Truck a Landing Craft

How do you haul a landing craft. This is an accurate model of the famous “Higgins Boat” named after the fellow who developed the design and mass production of this craft in New Orleans for use during WWII. Official nomenclature is LCVP meaning landing craft, vehicle and personal and could transport 36 troops, a 6000 pound vehicle, or 8100 pounds of cargo.

The model is apparently still available, made by Trident, part number 87065 as a urethane casting. It’s a pricey model, $60.00, but accurate. I purchased it because someone I knew and trusted told me of the quality and it’s been part of my collection for many years.

The boat is not that heavy, about 8 tons, even less when the guns are removed, but the trick is how do you block it to a trailer and balance the 36 foot craft. In civilian life after the war it would weigh even less without the guns, In most cases it would be short runs maybe from a boatyard to a repair shop but it could be hundreds of miles and this would make the difference in what was used. It is an oversized load, 11 feet.

The first photo shows how the local contractor is helping out with his tilt top machinery trailer. Next is more of a professional long distance boat hauler, and the third is another construction machinery trailer. All these trailers were scratch built.

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