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35 Foot Van Trailer

35 Foot Van Trailer

This was a trailer used by the Maine Central for piggyback service in the late 1950s. With computers nowadays it’s easy to make a sign for a business that could be based on your layout or just passing through.

I print out the sign on gloss photo paper and then seal it with glosscoat. Then cut it out and paint a little gloss on the edges, sand smooth, and paint the white edges that were exposed when you cut it out. After it is glued onto the side of the trailer you will probably want to spray on some dullcoat.

The model pictured here is intended to look a little weathered and distressed because of the saltwater splashed around with the lobster load. The kit does not come with the reefer unit on front, I made a simple block without much detail. It all depends on how it will be displayed on your layout.

Part #95059 TRAILER, VAN, 35’ Maine Central, vertical ribs, urethane casting Retail Price $24

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