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View your Model from all Angles

View your Model from all Angles

ere’s an example of making sure that your models look good from all angles. The first look most visitors have of a model layout diorama is an overhead shot. In real life you’d probably see if from your normal height of eye, maybe five feet above the ground, a little more than half an inch. It’s also very possible you could view the model from a lower position.

These three images show a 1940s era heavy duty Autocar typically set up tractor, Notice the vertical exhaust with a muffler that seemed to be used only by Autocar in that era. The trailer can be made from scratch quite easily (ask me) with the stake pockets can make various loads possible. A good trucker always attempts to fill his truck, in this case he’s got a piece of machinery as well as lumber.

The lumber load is made of cast urethane, is 112 pieces of 16’ 4x10s stacked seven feet wide. There’s some “sticks” on the trailer bed so a fork lift truck can get under it for unloading This load could weigh between 12,000 and 20,000 lbs. depending on the species and seasoning of the wood.

The tractor is s/n 101385, has a 178” wheelbase and 12.00-24 tires on spoke wheels. If you look closely there’s a tank behind the cab to hold hydraulic oil if the tractor is pulling a dump trailer.

Kit Part #95106 C-100 Autocar, Scratch Built Trailer, and #85044 Lumber Load.

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