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Tag -a Long Trailer

Tag -a Long Trailer

All contractors need a way to get their machinery from job to job and for many the answer is the “tag-a-long” trailer. Here’s a Mack B-81 (178” WB) with Marion dump body (#26288) pulling a Sheepscot #95052 15 ton trailer.

On the trailer is a First Gear International TD-15 made to look like a TD-14 with Drott four in one bucket. The TD-14 was made until 1958 and is very similar to the TD-15, particularly if you remove the the roll over canopy and paint it the standard International color of the time, red.

The TD-14 is a 2.25 cubic yard loader weighing 33,000 pounds, a little heavy for this rig but that’s what made a contractor a contractor. The bucket has not been lowered into the travel position because normally the loader is shown on a pier on my layout picking up a tuna fish out of a boat.

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