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Moving a 48 ton Tank for the Army

Moving a 48 ton Tank for the Army

Roco has made some nice HO scale almost ready to run military vehicles over the years. Many of these fall into the 1940 to 1960 era but the problem is figuring out how to display them on your layout. A bunch of olive drab painted vehicles will most likely seem out of place. I’m going to be putting more examples of military equipment on the site, just do a search on site for “military”.

Every good scene or photo sequence needs a story so let me tell you about what’s happening here. National Guard and Army Reserve units all over the country spend time training and in this case the 48 ton tank had an engine problem and had to be trucked back to the armory. The government contracted with a civilian to get out of the Maine woods and back to Augusta for repair in a hurry.

The first picture shows my favorite Autocar tractor getting it out of the woods but had a mechanical problem of its own and had to have Bull, Root, and Tayre’s beautiful new 1960 Autocar lowbed tractor hook on and take it to the paved highway.

At this point it had to be transferred to a seven axle rig to meet state highway axle weight restrictions and the requirement with regards to weight per inch of tire width.

Moosehead Lumber purchased a 90 ton Rogers cable operated removable gooseneck trailer in 1949 for moving their heavy logging equipment. The reason that the front of the trailer sets a little higher than the rear is because the new Autocar tractor with larger tires and higher fifth wheel purchased in 1955 raised the front, but this suited its mission very well allowing a little more road clearance on the rough woods roads.

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