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New Koehring Shovel

New Koehring Shovel

I have finally completed the 605 shovel that has been a project for many years. Numerous small detail obstacles have been resolved and now the model is a true HO scale Koehring 1.5 yard shovel. It’s designed as a kit, there’s plenty of photos that now must be merged with the drawings and written notes. In many cases during construction there is a certain order that must be followed or you’ll get in trouble. I want to be sure that all information is available when you start building, there are many parts that have to remain flexible and rotate and slide until the very end when the cables are reeved.

The real machine was designed in 1940 and was built with basically the same look until sometime in the late 60s. The primary spotting feature of an older machine was that the windows had square corners rather than the round ones that appeared in 1950. It was very often powered with a Caterpillar D13000 engine, the same as used in the Cat D-8 dozer. Weight was close to 50 tons

The price of the kit is $120.00 and can be modeled in any position although it is recommended that the shovel attachment be fixed in place and glued in the configuration of choice so the cables will be tight and realistic. Of course it can always swing and it’s balanced so it won’t have to be pinned down like some of the crane models.

I can assemble a painted and lettered model for $300.00. Shipping within North America is $4.00 for either in kit form or built up, it’s not very heavy because most of the parts are urethane and once it’s assembled it’s quite sturdy.

The kits will be ready to ship in July but I need need to know if you want one as soon as possible. If you don’t get one on the first run I’m sure there will be a second chance but I don’t know when that will be. I also have the longer crawler bottom available for a crane so I can package a 45 ton brass boom and longer bottom in place of the shovel attachment and short bottom. Cost for the crane version is $75.00.

Payment can be personal check, Mastercard or Visa, or paypal. I’ll need a telephone or email address so I can let you know when to send payment. Everything works best if you can email me with your address and contact information so I can make sure I’ve got your information in the computer correctly.

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